Thank a Teacher this November!

By Guest Blogger Denise from STL Motherhood
November is the month for giving thanks, so it’s a terrific time to remember all the awesome teachers who are making this world a better place, one classroom at a time!

Teacher gifts are a touchy subject. Gift shops are stuffed to overflowing with cheesy teacher gifts, but really…how many mugs does any one person need? I searched Amazon for “teacher mug” and got 7,642 results! And some of them aren’t even safe for work. Who comes up with this stuff?

Best Teacher’s Gift Guide

  • Hand drawn card from your child
  • Personalized gifts (think totes & note pads)
  • School supplies (so she doesn’t have to use her own money on your kids)
  • Book for the classroom
  • Gift Cards!!!

Gift cards are easily the number one way to say THANK YOU! to your child’s favorite teacher. No need to worry if that candle is the right scent or if that scarf is the right color…let the teacher pick out their very own gift and they’re sure to be pleased with the results.

My favorite place for gift cards these days is Here Today, the sponsor of this fabulous thank you post! Here Today sent me shopping at one of their five St. Louis locations to find the perfect teacher gift–and I found tons of great ideas.

Picture Frames
Picture frames are awesome teacher’s gifts. Teachers can personalize then with pictures from the classroom, or pictures of their own kids! I really love the frame on the left with the clip–you can display a different picture every week if you wanted! Frames start at $6.99 at Here Today.

Blog 5 Image 2


These stationary sets and note pads are sure to spread cheer on any teacher’s desk! Notes start at just $2.99, so your teacher can really stock up!

Blog 5 Image 3

Hand bags and Totes
There are so many awesome bags, totes and purses at Here Today, your teacher will have a hard time deciding which one to pick up! But since they start at just $5.99, she can pick two…or three!

Blog 5 image 4

Scarves and accessories
Is your teacher a fashionista? Let her pick out her favorite color for the perfect gift! These scarves start at $4.99, what a great gift idea!

Blog 5 Image 5

Practical Teacher Gifts
Here Today also has a section just for teachers! She can redecorate her whole classroom without breaking the bank with these cute bulletin board decorations.

Blog 5 Image 6

Let’s Do the Math

Here’s a word problem for you:
If Johnny gives his teacher a $25 coffee shop gift card, Johnny’s teacher can buy latte’s for a week. If Suzy gives her teacher a $25 gift card to Here Today, Suzy’s teacher can buy a purse, a scarf, 2 note pads, a picture frame AND a bag of chocolates.  Which teacher got the better gift?

Pick up the items shown above & stop by Here Today soon as they could be gone tomorrow. Read the full article here and stay tuned for some of  the next Here Today shopping trips!