Craft Beer 101: Find Your Favorite Style

Over the past several years, craft beer has been steadily rising in popularity. Today, it’s pretty much impossible to walk into a liquor or grocery store without seeing at least three or four craft beer styles for sale. At Here Today, we’ve happily jumped on the bandwagon offering a wide selection of craft beer at LOW prices. Our Choose “UR” Brews deal is perfect for tasting a variety of styles; for only $1.79 a bottle, you can choose your favorites to build your own six pack. If you’re new to craft beer, we’ve compiled a small crash course on the most popular styles to help you create the perfect six pack.

Craft Beer Styles

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Brown Ale

Brown ales can typically be recognized by their strong malty flavors. Other common flavors in brown ales are caramel, toffee, and coffee. Brown ales are great medium to light bodied beers.

Pair It With: Roasted pork, smoked sausage, or other hearty foods. Brown ales also compliment the nutty flavors of cashew chicken, pecan pie, and peanut sauces.

India Pale Ales

India Pale Ales are known for their overwhelming hops. In addition to grain, yeast, and water, hops are one of the basic ingredients in beer brewing. Along with intense bitter flavors from the hops, IPAs can also be malty and sweet.

Pair It With: Flavorful and spicy dishes such as curry, or sweet desserts like flourless cake and creme brulee.

India Pale Ales

From Goose Island to Lagunitas, Here Today has a wide selection of India Pale Ales.

Wheat Beer

Thought to be one of the oldest styles of beer still in existence, you’ve probably tried a wheat beer or Hefeweizen before without realizing it. When drinking wheat beer, you can taste little to no hops and this style of beer typically has subtle notes of citrus.

Pair It With: Lighter foods like seared scallops and garlic shrimp for a refreshing flavor contrast.


Typically dark brown or black in color, stouts are a silky, full-bodied, creamy style of beer. Most stouts will have hints of coffee, licorice, molasses, or chocolate. Almost the polar opposite of an IPA, you can’t taste any hops in stouts.

Pair It With: Nutty, braised, or caramelized dishes. Stouts also compliment silky, salty foods such as oysters.


Like stouts, porters are dark brown or black in color, however porters are less creamy and less bitter than stouts. Porters often have notes of roasted grains, chocolate, and toffee, and can have undernotes of coffee of licorice.

Pair It With: Smoked meats, especially bacon. Porters also compliment soft cheeses, and chocolate, espresso, and coffee flavored desserts.

Now that you know the basic craft styles, it’s time to try them! Here Today’s everyday low prices are a wallet friendly way to taste many different beers. Cheers to savings!