FALL in Love with New Fashions!

By Guest Blogger Danielle Berry – Here Today Buyer
I love fall. It’s such a wonderful season. The weather begins to cool down; the look in the sky changes ever so slightly; the leaves begin to slowly lose their green – all indications that a superb time of year is upon us.

Fall is here people! Time to go to the kids soccer games without sweating your make up off! Time to turn the air conditioner off and open up the windows! Time to enjoy crisp, cool breezes as you check out the various local fall festivals! Time to cozy up with your favorite pumpkin flavored item – mine happens to be pumpkin beer, YUM! But more importantly-time for Fall Fashion! Pardon me for a moment…WHOOOO-HOOOO! Ok, I feel better.

I LOVE fall and everything about it, but fall fashions hold a special place in my fashionista heart! The fabrics used this time of year are so comforting and just begged to be cuddled. The fall color palette reflects the change of colors in nature and warms me up. I love that I can add a few layers, like a great jacket and scarf, and completely change a look. There are just so many options with fall fashion, so many ways to create various looks to carry you through and keep it interesting. And if you love a great bargain and making your money stretch, then you will love what Here Today has this season!

So, let’s talk about what is on-trend for Fall 2015 and how to get the look for less!

This season, you will see heavy influences from the 1970’s – very Bohemian in nature with eclectic, feminine and geometric notes. The look has carried over from the summer rock festival vibe, just updated for the cooler weather. It’s chic, flowy and comfortably easy, like a classic rock-n-roll song, and there are certain accessories that are a MUST to capture this look.

Layer, layer, layer – Ponchos, Capes & Body Scarves

I know when you first hear the word “poncho” you think of Clint Eastwood in “Dirty Harry” right? No? That’s just me?? Well that’s NOT what I am talking about here. Ponchos are great layering items as they keep you warm but also allow you to show your outfit underneath, and come in an array of prints and textures. Capes too! What is the difference between the two? Ponchos are typically square with a hole in the middle so you can place over your shoulder. Capes are typically circular and open in the front and may or may not have holes for your arms. At Here Today, we have both starting at $19.99 so you can multiple pieces to give you versatility.

Another item that you will see heavily this fall is the body scarf. It’s a larger scarf that you can fold up and wear around your neck or unfold and use as a lightweight shawl around your shoulders. You can even use it as a throw! So versatile and at $12.99, you can’t go wrong. All of these items are great layering pieces to give your look depth without being too heavy, add interest and fluidity, and are perfect for keeping you warm no matter what the activity.

Set it off – Felt Floppy Hat, Ankle Boots & a Fringe Bag

Accessories make the look, and a very important piece for Fall is the felt floppy hat. There is no question, it is a MUST HAVE! And stop saying you are not a hat person silly! ANYONE can rock the felt floppy and at $12.99, it won’t hurt you to at least give it a try.

I have a little confession: I’m a huge fan of ankle boots. I mean I wear them all year round, seriously. They are a perfect accent to your look as they work well with skinny jeans, flares, or skirts and styles with a slight heel; you can wear them all day and into the night with no barking from your feet. This season the ankle boot is hugely important, and it comes in various fabrications with many different treatments and details like lace-ups, buckles and fringe. Here Today has super cute ones starting at just $14.99, WHAT?!

Ladies we all know how important a great bag is and a fringe bag for this season…well I just can’t even! Fringe is so incredibly hot right now no matter what it is on – from dresses to boots to scarves and yes, handbags. Adding a fringe bag to your ensemble will top off your look and might even bring out the rebel rocker in you. Keep your eyes peeled as coming soon to Here Today are real leather fringe bags for only $49.99!

There are various retailers you could shop to find all the latest accessories to achieve this Fall’s look, but if you want to be on-trend without breaking your budget, you have to check out what Here Today has to offer. We have all the important items at almost half the price — which means you can add so much more to enhance your wardrobe!

Here’s to you and a fabulous Fall fashion season!