Every Kid Needs a Mobile Homework Command Station

By Guest Blogger Denise from STL Motherhood

You’d think that after so many years of battling homework I’d have learned my lesson. You know that 24 pack of pencils I bought–the one that was going to last an academic life time? We can’t find it. I’m thinking the Borrowers took them to build bunk beds or something. Do you remember the Borrowers? You must have read their books in fourth grade…you know, those tiny little people who live in your attic and pilfer your belongings?

Anyway, it seems like any time my kid gets ready to do his homework he can’t find a pencil. Or extra paper. Or a ruler. Our leftover school supplies got mixed up with the craft goodies and went on a world tour around the house. Oh, I’ve got 5000 stubby crayons and 14 rolls of tape…but a stapler? Er…I think I saw one under the computer desk last week??

Enough is enough! It’s time to set up a Homework Mobile Command Station

Experts say you should set up a quiet corner of your child’s room for studying, then stock it with fresh pencils, paper and whatever age appropriate supplies your child needs. However, the experts haven’t seen my house. I’m proud to say that both of my boys have desks in their rooms. But we can’t find them. Ryan’s desk has a vintage PC on it, fully loaded with Office 95…and a bunch of camping gear. And dirty socks. Mitch’s desk is a little better…it just has the fish tank.

Besides, kids don’t need a quiet space for homework so much as a place near mom and dad, so they can torture us with Common Core questions like: You have 15 apples, Ann has 14. What color is George’s cat?

That’s why you need to put together a mobile homework station–an organized box of supplies that is ONLY used for homework. You can stash it in the hall closet, and take it to the kitchen table. Or that comfy chair in the corner. Or the patio. It can go anywhere, even to Grandma’s house if you need to do homework on the run.

Here’s my new set up: a craft box (with a handle) stocked with mechanical pencils, highlighter, crayons, three kinds of paper, a calculator, ruler, eraser, stapler and glue. I also tossed in some fun stickers…because…stickers are cool.

I found this awesome craft box at Here Today, who have kindly sponsored this post and sent me on a shopping trip to find all kinds of organizational goodies! The craft box is perfect! Portable and affordable, just $9.99 at my Fenton Here Today store!


But that’s not all I found! If you’re looking for a more stylish homework station, they have plenty of colorful bins and boxes! Just look at all the possibilities! I picked up a fabric bin with a chalk board insert for $4.99. The felt star was just $1.99 and adds a little extra zing to our storage, don’t you think?


If you need to grab a couple pencils and other supplies, you can find that too, and at decent prices. Most of the pencils and pens were in 99 cent packs. You can also stock your homework station with reward stickers!


And don’t forget to think “outside the box!” I found these fridge clips in the kitchen section–it’s a great way to hang school calendars and field trip notes right on the fridge. Just 99 cents! Bright colored tumblers and food storage containers are great for pencil cups and crayon storage!


And don’t forget the healthy snacks! Who can do homework on a grumbly tummy? Here Today has plenty of snacks, at at these prices, you can really stock up!


I’m ready now. Next time the kid says, “Mom? Where’s a pencil?” it will be ready and waiting for him in the mobile homework station! Now about those craft supplies…

Here Today is an awesome St. Louis retailer with tons of bargains! There are four locations around St. Louis, and more coming soon!

If you’d like to pick up the items I’ve shown from my Shopping List, stop by Here Today soon as they could be gone tomorrow. Read my full article here and stay tuned for some of my additional finds on my next Here Today shopping trip