Chocolate Strawberry Fizz: Valentine’s Day Drink

By Guest Blogger Denise from STL Motherhood
There’s nothing that says Valentine’s Day more than chocolate, sweet strawberries…and bourbon. Chocolate bourbon. I’ve partnered once again with Here Today to bring you the latest holiday bargains from my favorite St. Louis discount store. They challenged me to create a special Valentine cocktail using awesome deals from their Cheers department! They always have a good selection of wine and spirits, and right now they’re featuring deals on favored bourbons and vodkas! The hardest part? Deciding what to bring home!

I scooped up a cart full of ingredients, without any sort of recipe in mind. I’ve never invented a drink before, so grabbed a few core ingredients: bourbon, rum and champagne. I also picked up a half dozen flavors of Vess soda, bottled lemonade and frozen fruit–strawberries and pineapple! The fruit was 99 cents a bag, so I got extra for a round of smoothies. The flavored vodkas, from Oddka were just $4.98 had had delightfully strange flavors like Apple Pie, Carmel Popcorn and Wasabi! I might have to try some of those later. The Woodstock bourbons and Black Cove Spiced rum were just $7.98.


My hubs and I gathered around the blender and got to work on the most amazing Valentine drink! Don’t worry, we made a few blenders full to make sure it was perfect before publishing this recipe. (wink, wink)

Chocolate Strawberry Fizz

Makes 2 Generous Servings

  • 1/2 Woodstock Chocolate Bourbon
  • 1 Cup (or 4 oz) Frozen Strawberries
  • 1/2 Strawberry Vess
  • 1/2 Sugar
  • 1 Cup Ice

First place the sugar in your blender and grind for 20-30 seconds. This creates super fine sugar which will dissolve quicker. Then add strawberries, bourbon and ice. Blend until smooth. Add strawberry soda and blend at a lower speed to mix.


Sugar Rim

Add a red sugar rim for an even more festive drink! Just dye sugar pink by adding several drops of red food coloring to a quarter cup of sugar in a sandwich bag. Mix thoroughly by shaking the bag or squishing with your fingers! Pour the sugar in to a bowl and dampen your glass rim, then dip!

I also added a garnish of fresh strawberries and shaved chocolate. You know, just to be festive.


More from Here Today

Of course I found much more at Here Today for Valentine’s Day!

I found these cute Valentine champagne flutes with matching votives for just $7.99! Candles were just a dollar more and when paired with a bottle of my favorite Moscato champagne (just $3.98) you have Valentine’s covered! Now all you need to do is find a baby sitter!

Pick up the items shown above & stop by Here Today soon as they could be gone tomorrow. Read STL Motherhood’s full article here.