Celebrating July 4th with Beer and Bubbles

By Guest Blogger Dana from ChocolateandSunshine.com
I love the Fourth of July!   The day marked my grandmother’s birthday and I have many fond memories of celebrating it with aunts, uncles and cousins at my Uncle Mike and Aunt Marilynn’s pool.  We enjoy an incredible barbecue.  The kids either dive into the pool or hang out in the front yard lighting firecrackers.  I remember having fun as a child lighting up the little “snake” fireworks on a brick.  I was just so very daring.  Later, we scatter for firework displays closer to our own homes and attempt to stay cool.  My favorite July 4th week-end was many years ago when I went into the hospital early on the Monday morning after enjoying these celebrations.  I didn’t mind this particular hospital stay as I delivered my son, Max.  It seems like yesterday.  Happy Birthday, Max!  So, today, I’m, of course, sharing a fun take on celebrating July 4th.

My friends at Here Today, which have 3 local St. Louis-area locations, including Fenton, Florissant and Fairview Heights, Illinois, asked if I’d share some ideas on using their deeply discounted items for your own patriotic party planning. I always have so much fun on these ventures.  I, am of course, using my own ideas, but as I enter their local boutique-style store, I love a good challenge and you know I like to mix things up.  I wander throughout the store searching for pieces that will work in my plan and although they are often starting me in the face I want to be creative in my approach.  So here goes.

I wanted to find pieces to use as small party favors and/or add patriotic ambiance to my outdoor decorating.

Here are my finds from Here Today for my July 4th celebration:

  • Patriotic napkins cost $.50.  I’m not kidding – 50 cents! That’s 5 dimes or 50 pennies.  I had to use them.  I bought 8.  And, no, I wasn’t planning on a sit-down dinner for 8.
  • And then I came across this colorful display of bubbles.  $1.00 for 10.  I don’t have young children but I have plenty of other young relatives who would love them so I snagged 10!
  • Schlafly Beer – I also have many friends and family members who enjoy a beer or two.
  • Bottle openers as a small favor


I had this beautiful barn wood farmhouse table that my wonderfully talented brother-in-law, Mike, built for me, as my blank slate for decorating. This is my all-summer look and then I go from there.  Notice the white paper lanterns above the table, hanging off of the pergola.  Several of them were purchased from Here Today.  They also carry red lanterns which would be beautiful additions to the space. As you all know, I love to incorporate vintage pieces within my decorating.  I pulled out this square red and grey tablecloth from my pantry and started from there.  (I incorporated this same cloth with my Christmas decorating.)

As you all know, I love to incorporate vintage pieces within my decorating.  I pulled out this square red and grey tablecloth from my pantry and started from there.  (I incorporated this same cloth with my Christmas decorating.)

barnwoodfarmhousetable-700x933tablecloth-700x525 (1)

Check out what I added to the table. The red boxes I bought at Here Today were perfect containers for bubbles and navy napkins adorned with stars. And how much fun is my adult favor of beer! Take one 50 -cent patriotic napkin.  Add one bottle of bottled beer.  Wrap with a red and white ribbon and place a Here Today bottle opener within as a small favor. I purchased the red, white and blue insulated cooler and the Cardinals paper cups from Here Today during my last shopping trip.

closeuprwb-700x525 all-700x525

I have white outdoor curtains on my deck to block the afternoon sun.  I also had a few of my $.50 napkins left.  And as I searched my garage, I located my collection of small flags.  I was inspired to put them altogether in one pretty patriotic display. And… now I have ideas on what to do with my napkins for other holidays and seasonal events.  Just tie a cloth napkin and embellish with seasonal items.  I love how this turned out.  You could try this on indoor curtains for a party, too.  I would be cautious with the length of time any napkin is utilized on white curtains in the event of the color coming off onto them. Our beagle/coonhound, Jack, likes how it turned out.


Beer and Bubbles.  Somehow it all works.  I’m thrilled that it cost me so very little and thank you to Here Today for the challenge and the inexpensive ingredients for a fun party.

If you’d like to pick up the items I’ve shown from my Shopping List, stop by Here Today soon as they could be gone tomorrow. Read my full article here and stay tuned for some of my additional finds on my next Here Today shopping trip!