FALL in Love with New Fashions!

By Guest Blogger Danielle Berry – Here Today Buyer
I love fall. It’s such a wonderful season. The weather begins to cool down; the look in the sky changes ever so slightly; the leaves begin to slowly lose their green – all indications that a superb time of year is upon us.

Fall is here people! Time to go to the kids soccer games without sweating your make up off! Time to turn the air conditioner off and open up the windows! Time to enjoy crisp, cool breezes as you check out the various local fall festivals! Time to cozy up with your favorite pumpkin flavored item – mine happens to be pumpkin beer, YUM! But more importantly-time for Fall Fashion! Pardon me for a moment…WHOOOO-HOOOO! Ok, I feel better.

I LOVE fall and everything about it, but fall fashions hold a special place in my fashionista heart! The fabrics used this time of year are so comforting and just begged to be cuddled. The fall color palette reflects the change of colors in nature and warms me up. I love that I can add a few layers, like a great jacket and scarf, and completely change a look. There …

Every Kid Needs a Mobile Homework Command Station

By Guest Blogger Denise from STL Motherhood

You’d think that after so many years of battling homework I’d have learned my lesson. You know that 24 pack of pencils I bought–the one that was going to last an academic life time? We can’t find it. I’m thinking the Borrowers took them to build bunk beds or something. Do you remember the Borrowers? You must have read their books in fourth grade…you know, those tiny little people who live in your attic and pilfer your belongings?

Anyway, it seems like any time my kid gets ready to do his homework he can’t find a pencil. Or extra paper. Or a ruler. Our leftover school supplies got mixed up with the craft goodies and went on a world tour around the house. Oh, I’ve got 5000 stubby crayons and 14 rolls of tape…but a stapler? Er…I think I saw one under the computer desk last week??

Enough is enough! It’s time to set up a Homework Mobile Command Station

Experts say you should set up a quiet corner of your child’s room for studying, then stock it with fresh pencils, paper and whatever age appropriate supplies your child needs. However, the